Let’s talk about – ‘big things’
We can write it down and
Pretend to be profound
But all we’ve got down, all
We’ve found – is that
There’s a hell of a lot of
‘Big things’, going on
Going on on the news – but not all of it’s true
Going on at home and not all of it’s you
Going on abroad and it’s all our their fault
Going on with that guy, and that’s not his fault

It’s ‘big things’, bigger than us
There’s so many people that you just can’t trust
There’s so much you can’t mention – but honest, you must
There’s so much war and terror and it’s not them, it’s us

There’s big things, like these big things – and it’s bigger than me
Climate change, terrorism, Donald Trump and acid seas
It’s bigger than you – it’s tax cuts, health care, extinction and nukes
They’re just, so big, what can we do anyway?

What could I have done anyway?
What could you do, anyway?
What about the police, the teachers – what about the armed forces?
What about public speakers like celebrities – our leaders and the members
Of their golf courses?

But while they are waiting and betting on horses I realise
That you cannot trust ‘big people’, from big places with big bank bonuses
And off shore accounts to solve ‘big things’ because
They’re bigger than that.

© Thomas Grice, 21/06/17


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